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Hustler's University

160,389+ students have already taken

advantage of this opportunity.


What is Hustler's University?

Hustler's University is an exclusive community where you have private access to:

  • E-commerce

  • Amazon FBA

  • Copywriting

  • Freelancing

  • Crypto & NFT's

  • Stocks and Options

  • The Real World

  • and much more.

Each and every professor is verified by Andrew Tate personally.

And each one of them is making between $50k and $500K, per month, in their select field.

Andrew Tate and Justin Waller Hustler's University Banner

"My thoughts on

Hustler's University are nothing but positive. 

Yes, it requires hard work and dedication but it WORKS.

The only thing that separates you from making nothing and making money is:


- Hustler's University Student, Justin Waller

Is Hustler's University a Scam?

We have over 160,389 students KEEPING their subscription to Andrew Tate's Hustler's University

This means that they are making MORE MONEY than they have invested into Hustler's University and have decided to stay.

New era learning andrew tate hustlers university discord members .jpeg
Hustler's University Philosophy

At Hustler's University, we believe our students should be making money while learning how to make money.


First, we will focus on helping you earn your first online profits.


Then, we will keep building on your momentum and success.


Winning makes winning easier.

Video Testimonials


1) Is Hustler's University and The Real World the same thing?

Hustlers University is undergoing a massive upgrade at the moment. Its future name will be called The Real World. More info, more guides, more money made, and a 19th wealth creation will be added. It will still be Andrew Tate's product. Prices may change in the future, but for those already enrolled it will be fixed at $49.

If you want to join The Real World click here.


2) Can I make money even with $0?

Yes. We have methods that require no money to get started as long as you have internet access, and an hour a day, you'll make money with them.


3) Do I need to be over 18 to join Hustler's University / The Real World?

There is no age limit to join Hustler's University, it all depends on you and how much effort you are willing to put in.


4) Does it work if my English isn't very good?

Yes, you can join Hustler's University if you're English isn't very good.


5) Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you may cancel your membership whenever you wish.

6) Does this come with all the courses?

Yes, when you join Hustlers University all of the 19 modern wealth creation courses, private rooms, chat rooms with students and teachers, exclusive content rooms, live Q&A, and more...

7) How does it actually work?

Hustlers University is an exclusive community where our professors teach beginners how to make money online, and after that, we teach you how to maintain and multiply that new source of income.

8) Does this work outside of the US?

Yes, Hustler's University works outside of the US, Hustler's University teaches you how to make money online, it doesn't matter where you are in the world. As long as you have an internet connection and are willing to put in the effort. YOU. WILL. MAKE. MONEY.

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